Menu Ala Carte

3 course for € 19.95 per person
Chicken Cheese & Onion Rolls with Sweet& Sour Sauce
Pan fried Prawns sautéed in Garlic butter
Chicken Satay on Bamboo Skewers
Won Ton Dumpling Soup
Mussels served with Garlic Chilli Sauce
Warm Crispy Duck Salad
Salt & Chilli King Prawns
Chinese Meat Balls with White Fish Pastry
Mains (Served with rice or chips)
Beef stir fry with Broccoli & Oyster Sauce
Moist Stir Fry Chicken and 7 Colour Vegetables
Special Garlic & Chilli Taiwan Sauc
Sweet Sour Chicken Hong Kong Style
Chicken in Creamy Malaysian Curry
Green Vegetable and Tofu Stir fry in spicy Yu Xiang sauce
Pan fried Chicken with Chinese five spices and herbs
Roast honey pork with sizzling black bean sauce
Steamed tiger prawns with soy sauce, garlic& chilli (€3 supplement)
Crispy Duck sweet chilli Thai sauce (€3 supplement)
All above Mains served with Rice or Chips, Noodles €2.50 extra –
Choice of Desserts
Selection of Ice creams
Profiteroles with Chocolate Sauce
Warm Chocolate Fudge
Sticky Toffee Pudding
Meringue with fresh fruit salads
Apple Pie
Choice of Chinese Soups €4.25
Chicken Sweetcorn, Wonton, Hot & Sour or Veg. Noodle Soup or Wonton Soup
Pancake Rolls €4.60
Duck, Veg. or Spring Rolls or Chicken Cheese Onion Rolls
Ribs with a Choice of Sauces €6.45
Duck, Veg. or Spring Rolls or Chicken Cheese Onion Rolls
Ribs with a Choice of Sauces €6.45
BBQ, Honey, Salt & Chilli or Peking
Spicy Shredded Chicken €5.95
Garlic & Chilli, Salt & Chilli, Black Pepper or Sweet & Chilli
Crispy Chicken Wings €4.50
BBQ, Honey, Salt & Chilli or Fruity Peking
Chicken Satay Skewer €5.60
Warm Duck Leg or Chicken Strips Salat €6.50
Salt & Chilli Tofu €5.60
Pork or Chicken Yuk Sung €6.95
Aromatic Duck for 2 people 1/4 €12.95
Aromatic Duck for 2 people 1/2 €21.00
Chinese Mixed Platter for 2 €15.95
Ribs, Rolls, Wontons, Chicken Skewers & Chicken Wings


Sesame Prawn Toasts €5.85
Deep Fried Won Tons €4.50
Salt & Chilli King Prawns €6.95
Tiger Prawn Cocktails €6.30
Ribs with a Choice of Sauces €6.45
Seafood in Hot & Sour Soup €5.60
Crab Claws with Prawn Coating €7.95
Steamed Mussels €7.50
Steamed Mussels €7.50
with selection of sauce, Garlic Chilli, Black Bean, or Garlic Cream
Pan Fried Tiger Prawns in Garlic Butter €7.30
Fate Special Meat Balls with Fluffy Fish Pastry €5.95


X-0 Sauce– spicy oyster sauce with dry chilies served on a hot sizzling plate
Gui Hou Sauce – a must try Chinese style stew with crunchy vegetables, savoury and fruity with a hint of hoisun flavour.
Taiwan Sauce – Wok fried sauce, combines all the good flavour of Chinese spices with small chopped pieces of chrunchy vegetables, garlic and chillies
YuXians Sauce – mixed flavours of hot tomato sauce and yellow bean sauce, a rich red sauce served in a sizzling plate with a dip of Chinese rice wine to finish
Hot Pot Sauce – white cream sauce with garlic, chillies and a drop of white wine
Fate Delicious – sweet plum sauce with vegetables and chillies
Stir Fry – with Chinese Herbs and marinated meats
Malaysian Curry – a creamy curry based on coconut milk, lemongrass, potatoes, light yet full of flavours
Thai Green Creamy Curry – the most light of curries with all the fresh vegetables, watery yet packed with flavour of Thai spices
Thai Spicy Red Curry – thin and watery Thai spiced curry made from dry chilli flakes, coconut milk, corriander & lemongrass
Po Sauce – light sweet Chilli Sauce stir fried with bamboo shocts, cachewnuts and waterchestnuts
Sauce – creamy peanut butter & coconuts milk served with crushed peanuts
Szechun Sauce – red hot spicy yellow bean Sauce
Black Bean Sauce – one of our must try homemade Sauce with fresh roasted and crushed Black Beans, served with pepper, onion, carrots
Curry Sauce – light and creamy yellow Curry served with onions
Ginger & Scaltions – Light and creamy yellow Curry served with onions in a delightful oyster Sauce
Garlic & Chillies – Stir fry pepper, onions, garlic and fresh Chillies. medium spicy
Brocolli & oyster Sauce – work stir fried crunchy Brocollic, onions and carrots in a light oyster Sauce
Sweet Sow Hong Kong style – battered meats in fruity sweet sour Sauce and pineapple, peppers and onions
All above sauces are availble with a choice of:
•Chicken €13.50 •Beef €13.50 •Pork €13.50 •Prawn €15.30 •Special €15.30


Steamed Seabass in Soy Sauce, Ginger, Scallion €20.80
Steamed Tiger Prawns with Soy Sauce, Ginger & Scallion €16.95
Pan Fried Tiger Prawns Sauteed in Garlic Butter Sauce €17.95
Sizzling Battered Tiger prawns with choice of sauce €18.95
Black Bean, Garlic Chilli, Taiwan, Ginger & Scallion
Dry Deep Fried Tiger Prawns with Salt & Chilli €17.95
Steamed Scallops in Soy Sauce, Ginger, Chilli, Scallion €20.80
Sizzling Scallops with choice of Chinese Sauce €18.50
Spicy Szechuan, Ginger & Scallion, Garlic Chilli, Taiwan
Mussels served in Cream, Garlic and White Wine Sauce €16.95
Mussels served with Garlic Chilli Sauce €16.95
Mixed Seafood served with choice of Chinese Sauce €18.50
Ginger & Scallion, Spicy Szechuan, Garlic Chilli or Black Bean
Mixed Seafood with White Cream Hot Pot €18.95
King Prawns with a choice of Chinese Sauce €15.30
Kung Po, Sweet Sour, Cashewnuts, Spicy Szechuan or Garlic Chilli
All Mains are served with Rice or Chips


Fillet Steak €19.95
served with Mushrooms, Onions, Black Pepper Sauce with Chips
Sirloin Steak €17.95
served with Mushrooms, Onions, Black Pepper Sauce with Chips
Home Roasted Crispy Duck €18.95
in Black Bean Sauce served with Fried Noodles
Omelette €14.50
shrimp, Onion, Ham served with Chips
Pan Fried Marinated Chicken Breast €15.95
served with mixed leaf salad and Chips


Chips €2.55
Rice – Boiled or Fried €2.55
Fried Noodles €3.95
Onion Rings €3.95
Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables €4.25
Stir Fried Pak Choi in Oyster Sauce €4.25
Mushroom Fried Rice €3.95
Small Yang Chow Fried Rice €4.55
Green vegetable and Cashewnuts Stir Fried in Garlic Chilli Sauce €6.50
All Mains are served with Rice or Chips


Super slim Pu Er tea €2.25
Chinese Jasmine tea €1.80
Irish tea €1.80
Coffee €1.95
Expresso €2.25
Cappuccino €2.45
Latte €2.65
Hot Chocolate €2.65


Chicken Balls with Sauce & Chips €5.50
1/2 Chicken & Vegetable Fried Noodles €7.50
Sausage With Chips €5.50
Plain Burger With Chips €5.50
1/2 Chicken Curry + Rice €7.50
1/2 Chicken Sweet & Sour + Rice €7.50
3 in 1, Rice, Chips & Curry Sauce €5.50


2 Course Lunch at €12.80


crispy shredded chicken
chicken satay skewers
spring roll
chicken wings Salt & Chilli
BBQ ribs
chicken strips with salad


chicken tai wan
beef yuxiang
chicken mongalian
mixed vegetable in cashew nuts
roast honey pork in ginger scallion
sweet n sour chicken
chicken curry
beef with mushroom in blackbean sauce
roast honey pork in thai sauce
chicken in garlic chilli
chicken satay
chicken green pepper blackbean